German Energy Solutions Initiative 2022

Renewable energy supply systems incl. storage in Malta

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Virtual trade conference

 At the virtual trade conference on 22 March 2022, six German companies will have the opportunity to present their products and services to the Maltese audience. On the following days, the AHK Italy will organise individual B2B meetings for each participating company.  

The energy business trip is organised by the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with eclareon GmbH.  

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Further details about the project

With the German Energy Solutions Initiative, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) supports the transfer of energy expertise, the promotion of foreign trade and the facilitation of international development cooperation. German SMEs that offer climate-friendly energy solutions connect with foreign markets. The initiative focuses on topics such as renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency solutions, smart grids and storage.

The initiative creates various benefits: 

  • Improving economic, technical, and political cooperation between Germany and partner countries 
  • Encouraging the use of renewables, energy efficiency technologies, smart grids and storage technologies 
  • Boosting global interest in sustainable energy solutions 
  • Generating (innovative) jobs in Germany and abroad. 

Coordinated and financed by the BMWK, the initiative is implemented in cooperation with partners such as the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (the AHKs), the German Energy Agency (dena), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and further international project partners and service providers.

Discover the profiles of the participating German companies:

EURO-Windpower oHG - Easy to build wind energy collecting device

Sonndorf, Germany 


The SuSi windturbine is the low-cost, easy to build, do-it-yourself wind energy collecting device that fits perfectly into any living environment. It can easily be combined into hybridsolutions with solar / PV installations. 

SuSi windturbines can be used as stand-alone and independent power supply, as well as part of a whole energy concept at your place.  

It is ideal for most ecological projects (such as NGO and governmental projects). 

The main advantages

  • Transparent wings 
  • Silent application 
  • Ecological materials 
  • Modular construction with no part heavier than 25kg 
  • Place of use: free-standing, erection on a flat roof 
  • Can be combined with PV systems on a battery storage for self-power supply 

Desired matching partners:  

  • Architects
  • Planners for decentralised energy supply 
  • Hotels 
  • Institutions offering training on renewable energy for young people 
  • Golf course operators 
  • Craft enterprises in Malta 

FREQCON GmbH - Battery storage and converters 

Rethem, Germany 

The company Freqcon offers turnkey battery storage solutions in the range of 250 kW/kWh up to 20 MV/MWh. In doing so, it offers hybrid converters that can be connected to a DC link in addition to batteries, PV or other DC sources/consumers. 

The main advantages

  • Turnkey battery storage solutions 
  • Hybrid inverters for combining battery, PV and other DC sources/consumers 
  • Flexible conversion of all batteries 
  • Can be integrated into existing systems. Project-specific energy management system 

Desired matching partners

  • Local network operators and larger hotel facilities 
  • ESCOS 

Inter Engineering - Planning of plants for the recycling of municipal waste into energy

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany 


The company developed a patented “CombiTech” technology which allows the direct use of mixed, contaminated, dirty, wet waste without segregation/separation and with practically no residues (except a small mineral fraction of stones, sand, ceramics, glass, etc.).  

The entire waste will be 100% converted into renewable energy. 

The process works fully automatic. The complete conversion into energy without residues allows a high energy output efficiency of >80% as compared to the inherent energy content of the input stream. There are no liquid effluents and the flue gases consist of only water vapor and CO2. 

The main advantages

  • Conversion of mixed, unsorted municipal waste into energy, without residual materials 

Desired matching partners

  • Companies involved in treatment of municipal solid waste of any kind
  • Companies involved in collection and disposal of municipal waste 
  • Engineering companies involved in planning and implementation of complete plants of any kind 
  • Companies involved in transport and disposal of waste 

time2energy eG - Consulting and project developing of PV-projects

Hamburg, Germany 

The company time2energy offers German quality components with integrated storage technology. In addition, also project planning and staff placement for the area of PV and storage technologies in the EU. 

The main advantages

  • German quality components with integrated storage technology 
  • Project planning 

Desired matching partners

  • Sales partners with experience in the distribution of products and services 
  • Supplier of PV components (panels, inverters, chargers, battery storage) with local presence 
  • Installation teams with experience in installation/assembly of PV systems with battery storage and charging points 

Lumenion GmbH - High temperature heat storage (process heat for industries)

Berlin, Germany 

The main advantages

  • Primary energy: Electrical energy generated without CO2 is stored as heat 
  • Stores heat at up to 650°C; even above if required 
  • The efficiency is up to 95% 
  • Discharge as required over a long period of time; as process steam or heat 
  • Affordable and low maintanance: The LCOS (Levelised Cost of Storage) is between 2 cents/kWh and 4 cents/kWh and may fall even further in the future 
  • Certification: The components and parts used are CE-certified and manufactured in the European Union 

Desired matching partners

  • Consultants (project development partners) with focus on target industries 
  • Manufacturers 

SINN Power GmbH - Scalable versatile floating platform for wind energy and PV

Gauting, Germany 

The company "Sinn Power" offers a modular, scalable, customizable floating offshore power plant with integrated photovoltaics, small-wind turbines and wave energy converters. 

The main advantages

  • It enables baseload capable, continuous power supply and is deployable in exposed areas at sea, which are currently unsuitable for other purposes. The fast production, transport, installation allow short realization times of less than 1 year 

Desired matching partners

  • Sales partners with experience in the distribution of products and services 
  • Plant operators 
  • Energy suppliers 
  • Project developers 
  • Supplier of PV components (panels, inverters, chargers, battery storage) with local presence 
  • Installation teams with experience in installation/assembly of PV systems with battery storage and charging points