Mai 09

FReSH: The 4.0 Food Economy

How is it possible that during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Food is the most important sector in Europe and the least digitalized industry at the same time? The WEF (World Economic Forum) itself has recently underlined the important role of technology innovation in accelerating food system transformation and how relevant food systems are to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

An overview of all great challenges that the Food Industry has to face to solve problems such as growing population and lack of resources, opens the Event and stresses the importance of sustainable and healthy food.

Consumer and Food Production are then the two main characters on stage: on the one hand, the real needs and trends of people who deserve to live in a healthy and sustainable World, and on the other hand how food companies should transform their business models to be able to satisfy customers and make the World a better place to live in.

It really seems that the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its technology are the key to solve many challenges in the food sector, FReSH: the 4.0 Food Economy aims to deepen these concepts and explain how to proceed in the right direction.

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Marc Buckley
UN SDG Advocate, Global Food Reformist, Austrian and German Country Manager for Climate Reality Project by Al Gore - ANJA GMBH and ALOHAS Eco-Center 

Claudia Laricchia
Head of Institutional Relations and Global Strategic Partnerships, Climate Leader Italy of Climate Reality Project by Al Gore - Future Food Institute

Guenter Hemrich
Deputy Director ad interim Nutrition and Food Systems Division - FAO

Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord
Executive Director - Bayer Cares Foundation

Andreas Kipar
CEO & Founder - LAND

Stefano Maneri
Founder - Sustainable Solutions Consulting 

Sara Elisabetta Legler
Project Leader R&D - Horta Srl (Spin-off Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza)

Irene Rossi
Event Manager - Res Uvae Soc. Agr. a R.L.

Andrea Licata & Thomas Andersen
CEO and Founder & Startup Advisor - Talenteco

Giuseppe Coletti 
CEO - Authentico Srl

Johan Langenbick
CEO and Co-Founder – Foodpairing


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